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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I got love for you 2013

Dear 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to cordially thank you for a challenging year of self-discovery, overall I did not hate you… so well up bud, you klapped 2012 six love.

It’s not often that my November spirits are so high - usually I am a sleepless wreck playing the role of jester whilst the rest of the world is winding down for holiday season. As I sit at my desk, an artificial breeze, dispatched from the humming air conditioner above me, reminds me that salty sweet coastal air is but a few weeks away. Penetrating neon lights that could make Natalie Portman look like a meth addict, dance along my skin like the Sun’s opening act. Even the Columbian coffee that falsely promises me an electric bolt of concentration is beginning to stain my tongue a luminous cane-and-cream-soda green.

I yearn for the sweet salvation of a December holiday and the start of a new year, but 2013… I got so much love for you!

I got love for the one way ticket you gave me out of My Comfort Zone. I’m not going back there.

I got love for new friends who bring me unexpected adventures and companionship. Who make me learn and unlearn things about myself. And I got love for the veteran souls who always walk next to me, allowing me to be a mess, a wonderful complicated mulch of realness.

I got love for unexpected teachers who humble me and twist my shoulders to face a new direction when all they want to do is slump and slant towards the tried and tested. I got love for knowledge, wisdom and truth. Give me it all!

I got love for the sparkly human being who does my dishes, picks up my laundry and always shows up with a smile.

I got love for independence and learning to trust my gut. I got love for the little instinct twanger in my solar plexis, who plucks a warning chord every time something feels super right or super wrong. After so many years of being unappreciated, I’m giving that little fucker a standing ovation. You were right all along, happy?

I got love for foundations and the world’s best damn brick layers for giving me something so solid, I don’t doubt it will reach into the sky and rival the Empire State Building.

I got love for LOVE and FAITH and TRUST.

I got love for all those glass half fullers… you bitches are converting me.

I got love for missing the mark and letting my trajectory beam like a rouge star burning across undiscovered universes.

I got love for voices of reason, able to penetrate through tough and protective armour that keeps the sun out.

I got love for every stamp in my passport.

I got love for skin thickening agents and criticism immunizers.

I got love for believing the best… really really believing.

I got love for Fake Greys, our unofficial pet who glistens with delight every time I park my car and shell out a few pats.

I got love for my accountant who humours the lack of tax knowledge that a blonde actress possesses.

I got love for a ‘no’ button that allows itself to be temporarily out of order from time to time.

I got love for the easiest roomy in the world, whose quick with a laugh, dmc or glass of wine at the drop of a hat!

I got love for words: splutter, incandescent, plethora, audacious

I got love for being star struck

I got love for doing stuff that feeds your soul, even if it doesn’t feed your wallet.

I got love for innovation and creation and IMAGINATION!

I got love for my eternal optimist, my dreamer with his head in the clouds and his gravity centred. I got love for my best friend who shape shifts into my personal stand-up comedian, Bob Dylan, soul mate and sous chef. I got love bursting outta me like a stupid care bear. 

I got love for hitting over 10 000 page views! I got mad love for my readers and followers.

Yours Faithfully (for another 35 days… then I’m ditching your ass for 2014)


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