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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Designer Digital

Let’s face it ya’ll… we are, in fact, kids of a digitized nation. You can shop online, you can date online, you can even artiste (pronounced arteest) your own wedding collage on Pinterest online. Not that I would do anything like that, pfft! Obviously. The point is that as much as I like to stay old school with my chunky pre-HD T.V. set and vintage tea cup collection, oh the times they are a changing and if you are a fashionista – this can mean a plethora of pretty platforms to play with!
Here are some of the coolest shoe & fashion apps that I could find on the interweb:
Shoe Addicts is a beautiful photo sharing app which connects those who love and wear shoes and want to discuss trends with other Shoe Mates or give and receive advice for purchase.
Red Sole Fans Rejoice - the definitive guide for Louboutin lovers worldwide has arrived.
Explore the full Men’s and Women’s collections and then create a wish list of your favourite styles to share with friends. Watch insider videos about the latest news, find the nearest boutique anywhere in the world
Once installed, the app will deliver all the latest footwear news stories, sale alerts and celebrity get-the-looks with a slick interface and fuss-free functionality that fits neatly inside your phone memory. Whenever a story breaks here it goes directly to the app, so you'll be first in line for those flash sales as we report them. It's a must-have for anyone who wants more shoe-love in their life!
Shoe Doodle is the app for everyone who knows you can never have enough shoes!
Do you need a leopard-skinned sneaker with a stiletto heel? Done! How about a black pump with red racing stripes? Done! High tops with rhinestones and a pinwheel? Yep! The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
Start with one of three shoe styles - sneakers, high tops or pumps (both low and high heeled). Next, choose from a variety of sole, toe, heel and side designs. Once you've constructed your shoe, choose your favorite colours from a collection of paints and patterns. Complete your shoe by jazzing it up with rhinestones, appliqu├ęs and decorations.
Design the perfect shoe with Shoe Doodle!
Brooke Moreland (Co-Founder, CEO) created this site after walking out of the dressing room looking for her husband’s opinion and found an empty couch. She thought, "There must be a way to get an unbiased opinion using that internet everyone is talking about."
How it works: Post a photo, ask a question, get advice!
Tired of tripping over brands like ‘Proenza Schouler’ or flubbing words like ‘haute couture’?
Speak Chic is the mobile app that helps you pronounce fashion brands. This innovative app for fashion lovers gives you immediate pronunciation help on the go or while you shop.
Quickly and discreetly search for the correct pronunciation, read the phonetic spelling, and listen to the audio.
Perfect your pronunciation of difficult to pronounce fashion labels from womenswear, menswear, accessories, cosmetics, shoes, and luxury watch brands.
Cloth is an app for iPhone and iPod touch that makes it easy to save, categorize, and share your favorite outfits. The app also lets you send your favorite outfits to this site, for us to post for the world to see. All the photos here were sent in by Cloth-ers.
SA… yeah I’m talking to all you. All you bandwidth loving bitches… local is lacking! Here are some fab local fashion blogs I was able to get my keyboard tacking mitts on and I’m looking forward to seeing many more! Are we not fabulous South Africans with a unique style and voice when it comes to fashion? The answer is yes. Yes to seeing more local content and apps, asseblief man.
Local Fashion Blogs:

If you are a fashion blogger or know of any sweet apps I should be looking at, holler at your girl

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  1. Ah shoes those faithful friends that stay the same size even when you've put on 10 kg