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Friday, 19 April 2013

28 Reasons to Smile

1.   The World Didn’t End Today
The sky is grey and the road is wet with that eerie post rain smell lingering just above it. I take a giant lung full of it in and leave the house with my lunchbox packed and my keys jingling with the last clinckety-clack in the lock. Traffic bunches and bends at its usual marks. The guy who stands on the corner of William Nicol and 2nd Avenue gives his daily plead and I, in turn give back a regretful headshake, hands clasped together. The 9 – 5ers do their thing. The world spins on its axis and hints at an approaching silvery winter, keeping the sun its hostage for a little more each day. Papers are bought and sold, cappuccino froth finds its way onto a white shirt and the musk of sameness and regularity is palpable. Nothing extraordinary is afoot. I look around and realize how comforting that is to me, in a strangely understated way. No bombs have gone off. My heart is intact and filled to the brim. I have a home, not a house. Going to work doesn’t induce my gag reflex, in fact, I’m secretly content. If I look carefully there are faint rainbows in between the clouds. Life is kind of neat.

2.   I Scored A Free Horlicks
That awkward moment, when you realize you have left your bank card at home AFTER your Horlicks has been made and it’s ready to go. Urrrr…. “It’s my birthday?” “In that case it’s on the house.”

3.   My Family Rocks
What a quirky, crazy, blindingly supportive, strange, brave, bold, unique, kind, splendiferous, MARVELOUS bunch. If I were ever hurt, they would throw rocks at the person responsible. Some real. Some subliminal. Some passive aggressive. Some symbolic. But you’d feel it.  Word.

4.   My Fringe Is Long Enough to be Styled Like A 1960’s Pornstar
I’ve missed my calling.

5.   The First Song I Heard Today Was Whigfeild – Saturday Night
Nothing like an old cheezy tune to brighten up your day.

6.   My Man is A Hottie
Goodness gracious, what a belter.

7.   My Little Garden
Against all odds, in a shady corner with hardly any sun, our little garden grows a teensy weensy bit every day. When I look at it, it makes me remember to keep on keeping on, even when the lights feel dim and the road dreary. The strong willed and kind hearted will survive, slowly and steadily.

8.   The Idea That Anything Could Happen
The unknown scares the shit out of me, always has. It’s right next to “change” on my phobia list… but being forced to be spontaneous and malleable because of the nature of my current universe has opened so many doors and introduced me to so many monumental people. Maybe the idea that anything could happen isn’t such a bad thing.
9.   It’s Friday
Nuff said. 

10. I Am Archiving A Vault Of Great Stories
When I’m an ouma, sitting on my stoep telling my grandkids stories… they will be spoilt for choice. Whether it’s a tall tale about that time when we drove to Durban on a whim, or that time when I first stood on stage, or the moment I truly felt like a grown up… Imagining the many more to come, makes me so excited.

11.  My Life Is Filled With Dreamers
Strange how things work…. I’m a doer in a garden of dreamers. The closest people in my life believe in the unbelievable, trust that everything will always be ok, and dare to let their minds wander into the most unlikely of places. I might not see the glass as half full all the time, but at least the people around me have made it a wacky glass, with a zillion colours, a flying circus, a glow in the dark function and a singing choir reprise for each sip. 

12. The Sweet Ain’t As Sweet Without The Bitter
So maybe I haven’t quite cracked a financial equilibrium. And yes, sometimes I do have miniature bank binges. But y’know what? It feels good to take ownership of my balance sheet. Every day of cent struggles makes the days when there’s a little extra fat for spending even more scrumptious. I appreciate things now, so much more than 5 years ago – like splurging on an expensive salmon steak for 1 or saving up for a mini holiday. 

13. It’s Only 253 Days, 12 Hours, 14 Minutes, 19 Seconds until OppiKoppi 2013
Bring on Bewilderbeast!

14. I’m In Love With My Best Friend
Every day is like a fun sleepover

15. I Genuinely Love Veggies
I don’t ever have to worry about getting my 5 fruits and veg in every day, it’s usually already done by Noon. I’m lucky to love veggies, I love their colour, I love the way they can fix you, I love the way they have a bunch of different colours and tastes, I love that you can grow them yourself. 

16.Cowboy Boots Have Made A Comeback
I want some. Immediately. I never stopped being a fan!

17.  Society Is Starting To Appreciate Curvy Woman
Das right – Adele, Melissa McCarthy, The Kardashians, Beyonce, Christina Hendricks… Guurrrls, you are doing it fo yo selves!

18. My Kid Sisters Are Growing Up
Into beautiful, smart, capable women!

19. I Never Have to do Matric Exams, or Take my Driver’s License Again.

20. I Can Officially Say That I’m A Writer
People pay me to make words come alive. That is totally awesome.

21. 30 Is The New 20
I’m not scared of 30 – My mom keeps telling me it’s the best I’ll ever look and feel. Sure gonna make for a depressing 39th birthday but for now I’m riding the wave. 

22. There Are So Many Places I’ve Yet To Explore
As I see more of the world, I just want to see even more! More culture, more delicious new foods, more colour, more music, more fashion, more poetry, more stars in more skies. 

23. I Make A Cracking Spinach And Cheese Scone
Not off by heart, but I’m yet to have a bad batch

24. There Is New Life Everywhere
My friends are having squishy cute babies, bringing pure hearts and new energy into the world. 

25. I’m Learning To Forgive And Let Go
When you wish badly of someone, the only one it affects is you. Aint nobody got time for that.

26. I’m A Jozi Girl
I love this city with all its madness and imperfections. Joburgers don’t faff, they don’t sip tea with their pinkies in the air, they work their asses off and they are gritty with realness. 

27. I Have My Health
I’m no superhero but I have 10 fingers and 10 toes and a long life ahead of me. So easy to take that for granted.
28. I’m Reckless, But So WhatScrew it – dance it out, overindulge, love with all your vulnerability, put all your eggs in one basket, push boundaries, press buttons, test waters, change and then change again, surprise yourself, challenge the norm and swim upstream.

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  1. Happy birthday Carly, this is one of my favourites and I love number 7 and 18 of course xxx
    Mom from trev's gmail