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Friday, 15 February 2013

One of the Boys

Sup Okes.
In celebration (strong word for some of you) of Valentines Day I’m offering you a beautiful bouquet of market research ala the opposite sex. I’ve asked a bunch of the sexiest, smartest, savvy woman I know to tell us what it is that they really want, in life, in bed and in a relationship. Here is what they had to say:
What do Woman REALLY Want…
“I want friends who inspire me, family that supports me and a man who is holding my hand every step of the way - placing a loving push on my back every now and then.”
“Money and a room of one's own  - first articulated by Virginia Woolf”
“Beyond having a good job, a nice car and a white picket fence family - I want to wake up, excited to do what I love.”
“In life I want to make my mark, stand out and be important to a universal ecosystem.”

“In life,  women want a bra that fits. High heels that don't hurt. And a job that pays you to lay there and be made to feel good.”

“Living my life according to my own rules”

“Lightness and laughter and appreciation”

 “All I want is to be happy, whatever that means for me… If things I’ve hoped for or imagined for myself don't go as planned, all I ask is that whatever replaces it allows me to be happy and feel full within myself.”

“Balance is the biggest goal, balance between work and play, relationships with others and most importantly, with myself.”

“Great hair days, smiles from strangers, guilt free meals, more of that Friday feeling, a magical car cleaning fairy, nails that grow out pedicured, and a closet full of shoes”


“I need Support, respect, adventure, fun, friendship, lots of laughter and an abundance of love to handle my crazy!”

“Women want a man that adores us even after waking up with gunk in our eyes and dragon breath.”

“I want someone who will walk through life’s challenges and triumphs, holding my hand at a similar pace”

Respect, honesty, fun and attention”

“If a man can cook, clean and keep the toilette seat down we are happy for days”

“I want a great lover that happens to be my friend”

“A lot of attention”

“To be understood when we don't understand ourselves”

“Presents, surprises, letters, support, advice, wine, a friend”

“I want the romance, the roses and those intimate chats that I would have with a friend. I want respect, trust and loyalty. “

“Having every nitty-gritty, less than perfect part of u be a part of your make-up that someone would put together in the exact same way if given the chance to do u over”

“Someone who believes in my best bits, and understands my worst ones.”

“Someone who says everything is going to be okay, even if it might not”


“Communication, honesty and some sexy lingerie! When a lady is in bed she should feel safe, sexy and secure.”

“Girls just wanna have FUN! In whatever way it comes”

“I don't want excuses and boredom”

“Let's start with hygiene. Smell like summer and we can go on for days.”


“I want vulnerability, variety and a willing volunteer up for trying anything and everything.”

“Fun, bravery and lightness - and please listen and notice!”

“Flexibility – in every sense”

“Communication, excitement, an open mind, experimentation and a dash of playfulness”

“No judgment and no skalm!”

“Sexy talk, don't stop when I say don't stop…”

“I want someone who can’t keep their hands off me, who thinks I am the most delicious creature they have ever set their eyes on.”

“We need sensual kisses, whips and chain nights and we need you to speak up about what you want and listen to what we want.”

“I need a man to get that some nights I just need sleep.”

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