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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

One of the Boys - November

It’s almost the end of November – Movember taches will slowly begin to disappear, procrastinators like me are trying to orchestrate a cheap December holiday, Woollies is stocking up on overpriced Xmas goodies that you will undoubtedly buy in a last minute panic, when you realise there’s that damn secret Santa crap going on at the office this year. But above all – tis the season to be jolly, overindulge and make out under the mistletoe!
As promised, here is a list of some of my favourite things to give as gifts to your girlfriends, sisters and mothers. Hmmm, maybe not mothers. Have fun and get creative : )
A Little Something in your Stocking
I love the idea of small, fun tongue in cheek gifts. There’s so much pressure in a relationship when it comes to gifts and there need not be – especially around Christmas. Keep it light with some of these delightful goodies:

Sexy Legs Toothbrush from Big Blue – R90.00

Photo Snow globe from Big Blue – R120.00

Art Supply Box from The Space – R218.00

Credit to download her tunes at my fave site

Gifts for a Domestic Goddess

Cupcake Maker from Clicks – R249.00

Cupcake Decorator from Clicks – R70.00
Purchase a One Day Coffee Course through – R1100.00

Get a lovely Cookbook (I love the quick and easy recipes in Nigella Express (R593.00) and the inventive and delicious vegetarian recipes in Plenty (R437.00) priced online) from Exclusive Books, order online and get free delivery.
Buy a gift voucher from they have the coolest cookery and kitchen selections from ice cream makers to pizza ovens to beautiful cookware and recipe journals. Let her pick something delicious to add to her collection.
Naughty Things for Nice Girls
Sensual Massage Oils from The Body Shop – R140.00 (R99.99 Unscented, R110 Divine Calm) paired with a long luxurious massage that dissolves the stress of 2012. Yes Please!

Cute Cami’s from La Senza – R699.00 Make sure you know her bra size and her general clothing size. Wearing a little silky lace number to spice up your loving = SEXY, squeezing into something 2 sizes 2 small, that makes your hip fat look like a stringed up Christmas Gammon = NOT SEXY. If you aren’t too sure, rather go with a voucher – they wrap it up so it looks pretty as well. 
Fun and Stylish Bedside Condoms from The Space – R65.00

Plaisir Nacre White Handcuffs from– R180.00
CloneBoy Penis Cloning Kit from  – R854.00 Yes you read right, this is a kit to clone your penis into a dildo for your lady on those nights you can’t be there. I like couple toys and I KNOW you’ll all like the idea of your equipment being the only kind she uses.
Bag it Up

There isn’t a girl on the planet who doesn’t love a great handbag. If your lady is into classic styles, I love the handbags at Nine West; they are all good quality and neutral enough to wear with anything. But the chances are that she probably has a bag for everyday practical use so why not get something a bit more playful and colourful like this range at Big Blue:
When I Grow Up Bag – R700.00
Typewriter Bag – R550.00
Colourful Bags Big – R690.00, Small R550.00
We’ll Take a Holiday
Booking a little getaway out of town is something every girl will love! Venture off the beaten track and try some of my favourite small town weekend stopovers:
Kalm from R400 – R600 p/p sharing per night. I love the funky shabby chic colourful look of this place.
The Castle from R850.00 – R1100.00 p/p sharing per night. What a way to make her feel like a princess!
The Post House from R605.00 – R1055.00 (Honeymoon Suite) p/p sharing per night. Famous for its appearance in the advert that coined the phrase: “Get this man a Bells!”

Coffee Bay:
The Coffee Shack Backpackers R380 gets you a private en suite room right on the beach. Very laid back vibe with lots of adventure activities to do – surfing, hiking etc…
Mountain sanctuary Park from R400.00 p/p per night sharing a log cabin and R350.00 p/p per night sharing for Chalets.  Take a walk in nature and cool off in one of the rock pools, how cool?

That’s a wrap!
This wrapping paper is pricey but oh so pretty from The Space at R48.00 per sheet.
Way to personalize your present with letter gift boxes from The Space at R79.00

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