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Thursday, 26 July 2012

One of the Boys - July

One of the Boys – July

Stupid Things you do that Make Our Panties Drop

When you do or say anything nice “Just Because”
When you fix stuff
When you emote
When you want everyone to know “She’s Mine”
When you call me by my name
When you top up my wine
When you work out
When you wear a suit
When your hair is messy in the morning
When you’re cooking
When you do anything without a shirt on (Seriously you could be E filing topless and it’d be hot)
When you’re playing a musical instrument.
When you’re talking about something you’re passionate about
When you’re vulnerable


Neat Weekending

If your chick is anything like me her weekend is almost full by Wednesdays. Social engagements, grooming appointments, catch up coffees, family do’s and of course time with you. Could be special to book her out a few days in advance to do something out of the norm. I’m dying to go check out the Nirox Foundation near the cradle of humankind. It’s a beautiful sculpture park that sometimes opens to the public for exhibitions and events. Check out their website:
Plus, I imagine it’d be like a mini city getaway for the afternoon. There’s that romance factor, the oh-he-just-gets-me element and nature… come on? Chicks dig it.

Shoes Demystified

The obsession we have we shoes. Puzzling isn’t it? Or is it?

Let me break it down for you. My shoes fit me if I’m having a fat day or trying to catch anorexia. Yes they hurt my toes, but not my feelings. They make my legs look longer and skinnier. On days when I feel as little as a drawing pin they perk me up and instantaneously start playing my theme song: BeyoncĂ©’s Crazy in Love, as I strut into the office. Do they impend my driving ability? Maybe. Do they eat into my bank account like a silkworm ravenously knawing at a mulberry leaf? A little.  Do they also make me feel like I can kick stiletto ass and take names? Jimmy Choo, yes they do. Simple as that.

Between the sheets in July

DO some research on new positions or better yet, invent a new one. There’s more than one way to skin a cat… or nail the G spot.

DON’T do anything freaky without running it by us first. Yes I’m talking to you, guy who thinks he can get away with slipping a quick one in the back door. Uh uh, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself sucker. 

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