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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

One of The Boys - June

Well Gents, its that time of the month... wink wink. Time for some pearls of wisdom from your go to gal on guy stuff. Apparently testosterone levels go down in winter.... hmm, sounds like a challenge to me? Here are some neat little thingamajigs from my quirky perspective, enjoy!

Go Old School

As much as us girls like to think we're "with it" and are fully fledged modern woman, the truth is that below that boulshy exterior is a lame cliche loving old fashioned girl who is just dying for you to do something cheezy for her. Yes I'm talking flowers, chocolates and opening doors. Of course. But how about going the  extra mile courting her old school. Take her on a date to the circus or a fun fair... sharing candy floss, the smell of popcorn, u showing off at the Strongman Sledgehammer. I guarantee she'll be replaying how cute it was  for months, get u a pass when u accidentally behave like a douche (it happens). 

I'll Give You Sport if You give me Poetry

So here's the thing... its a saturday morning and I'm 3 hours into a coffee meet up with my girlfriend. What are we talking about? YOU. Yes. We're unraveling, de-compartmentalizing, reading between the lines, looking over the evidence just trying to figure out how you REALLY feel about us. So here's an idea, why don't you make it easy. Screw cryptic, I'll take direct n straight forward, like on paper, a hard copy. Leave us a note or a letter or even a dumb post it when we least expect it that says how crazy you are about us. If you're feeling brave, you can keep it simple, 3 words. 

Cocktail of the Month

This month you're going to show your bird how special she is by whipping up a tasty little winter cocktail. 

This one's called an Ultra Alexander (sounds like a sex position)


  • Ice

2 ounces
  • brandy

2 ounces
  • creme de cacao

1  tablespoon
  • whipping cream

1  tablespoon
  • chocolate syrup

  • Chocolate shavings


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add brandy, creme de cacao, whipping cream, and chocolate syrup. Shake, strain, and serve in a glass. Sprinkle with chocolate shavings. Makes 1 serving.
Easy Enough?

Between the Sheets in June

DO: Take your sweet, syrupy time. We like to be teased! Besides what better way to spend an hour, or 4? Leave them brookies on as long as u can, she'll have her back arched, biting her bottom lip before you can say spank me.
DON'T: Underestimate the power of cunnilingus. Ever. 

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  1. Damn Carly I nearly missed this one :) And now to make sure the boys don't miss it !
    Thanks for helping out our guys