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Monday, 7 May 2012

One of The Boys - May

In celebration of the beginning of my favourite season I am bringing something new to you, my readers. I’ve noticed that a pleasantly surprising large number of you happen to be of the male persuasion so here’s a little treat. I’m going to be posting some monthly insider girl tips, to-do’s and tricks for you to impress your girl with. This will include cool bday present ideas, places to take her her out, cool couply things etc. Ladies you can thank me later. Or you can drop me a mail on if I’ve missed anything you think I HAVE to share with our lovely male audience.

First Date Vibing:

Winesense is this groovy place where you can go and sample a lot of different wines. No one wants to be 100 percent sober on a first date but no one wants to be slurring with purple teeth either so get a bite off their menu as well.  You’ll seem really dapper and original without being pompous and totally score a second date I reckon.

Pimp my Prezzie:

Gifts are hard. Especially with chicks cos we’re so in our own zones. I always say the best gift you can give someone is your time. If I see someone has taken time to get me something thoughtful, or planned something where we can spend time together I immediately get easier. Did I say that out loud?  Book a spot at Wicked Food Cooking School and cook up something together in the group class. Think about it. She’s stirring, you’re wiping sauce off her bottom lip... boom. It’s practically foreplay.

Cocktail of the Month:

 Ascot Hotel. Order the Ascot Martini, sure to impress even the most discerning of martini drinkers. Check out my review. Sit inside where it’s warm and away from the annoying hawkers off Grant Ave.

Between the sheets in May:

DO  give equal attention to both boobs. And don’t pass those baby’s by like a compulsory toll on the way to Durban. Hang out, spend some time, enjoy.

DON’T expect your lady to supply condoms. We’ve already got a lot to think about… lock jaw, gag reflex, flattering lighting, bringing home the big O. Be smart, be safe… keep that shit on you at all times. 

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