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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Martini Review - Wang Thai & Fire and Ice

While most of you were at home with family hunting for chocolate eggs, I was on the hunt for something else. A lover. In my favourite form - liquid. Not only did I get to galavant all around Jozi town with my finest of friends in search of this no-strings-attached suitor, I was also treated to shakedown of Cosmo's and Creme Brulee Martini's with some new found friends with equally fine tastes. I'm a lucky girl!

Wang Thai

If I see Chilli and Martini in the same sentence on a menu - you know I'm going there. There's something exciting about having something spicy and perhaps even a bit taboo with your regular sweet normality. This Raspberry Chilli Martini from Wang Thai does not disappoint, the Raspberry coolness compliments that hint of Chilli and makes u wanna misbehave. And don't we all need a bit more of that.

5 Olives

There's adventure and then there's going back to what you know. the good ol classic Gin Martini. The simpler it is, the trickier it is to get right. Pleasant but jussst missed the mark for me. 

3 1/2 Olives

Fire and Ice

Finally a spot with some swagger! Nothing like a bit of a DJ on the Decks to take you into a Saturday night. Especially when you are sipping with 2 of the coolest kids in town, Mimi and Jack! I knew my night could only get better when my classic Martini arrived. Olives - off. the. hook. good. And bartender with a nice firm... hand. I was holding out for a hero and I got one. 

5 Olives

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