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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Martini Review - Ascot Hotel

So it seems the new thing to do is hotelling. I'd like to take credit for making this word up because it's pretty cool, however I can't take credit for the movement. I'd been wanting to check out the Ascot Hotel on Grant Ave in Norwood (kinda near my hood) for a while. A woman at gym keeps insisting she's met me there before, and we argue about it while half naked or half blow dried because I've never been nor am I married to Bill whats his name. Sigh. 

The signature Martini is called the Ascot Martini which I thought was eh, a little obvious no? But because I saw there were at least 3 others for me to try I figure, signature is the way to go for a first impression. And I have to say it was love at first sip. Peach Schnapps, pineapple extract and spiced mango? alcohorgasm! Believe it or not, this spicy little minx gets 5 olives from me! Best Martini I've had in a while. 

Macadamia Espresso Martini... now thats a catchy name! Nutty, coffee... delish. I gotta say I was a little disappointed with the STRONG coffee taste and the not so strong macadamia nut flavour. Also... a little more Vodka never hurts. It gets 3 Olives. 

Overall Ascot was a hit, apparently there's a DJ on the decks for Friday sundowners, definitely recommend you all swing by and check it out. And if you see me there, be sure to send an Ascot Martini or 4 my way mmk?

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