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Monday, 26 March 2012

Martini Review - Hyde Park Southern Sun

It was a Friday afternoon and my palette was getting excited to do a little sunset tango with some fabulous cocktails! I was looking for somewhere I could strut in a stiletto, despite it being before sunset... I thought Hyde Park Southern Sun would be perfect with it's gorgeous view of Jozi and resident DJ on the decks. 

I ordered a White Chocolate and Strawberry Martini - seems to be a very popular flavour these days - I'm not too sure why, doesn't exactly give me a nipple stand. But there wasn't any other short n strong drinks that tickled my fancy so I gave it a twirl. I was intrigued when the R65 drink was handed to me and looked like yogi sip with chocolate sprinkles on top. Not exactly what you want while standing around Jozi's trendy up and comings. 

The martini was very sweet and rich and to be honest matched its appearance. I felt a bit like I was at the kiddies table... unfortunately this one came at a hefty price and a long wait at the bar. So I switched to wine. 

1 sad olive

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