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Monday, 5 March 2012

Martini Review - Capello

I've been walking this town looking for a good watering hole nearby the homestead... somewhere to skip the traffic or shake the day off. We all need 1 or 2 of those in close proximity! I decided to try the Norwood Capellos... having a faint recollection of a particular chocolate and pear martini I'd had there years ago. 

Bubblegum Martini

Waiting for this little treat to arrive I had all kinds of expectations. Was it going to arrive with a Chappies swizzle stick? Was it going to be blue, multi-coloured, purple? A martini glass garnished with a strawberry arrived and a sip of the light pink liquid proved to be satisfactory but not mind blowing. The sweetness almost reminded me of kiddies toothpaste, the kind that squeezes out in a star shape. That can't be good. 

2.5 Olives

Mixed Berry and Mint Muddle

I may have had just enough pink but the only other cocktail that was jumping out of the menu happened to be berrilicious. Sweet factor was off the charts... a little too sweet for me. But it was pretty and I like the name, so it gets 

3 Olives

Overall... a bit of a disappointing mission. I have a lot more exploring to do!

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