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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Martini Review - Rocket

I discovered this little treasure of a spot by word of mouth recommendation. My 2 friends invited us out for dinner to a suburb I rarely frequent - Rivonia. It takes me back to a college blur of madness that I have no desire to revisit but has some really lovely restaurants and bars that aren't all completely packed with larneys and trendy kids. 

I was blown away by the fantastic cocktail menu that sports an array of interesting and different drinks. So much so that I completely skipped my regular gin martini to try the other temptations.

Cookie Crunch Espresso Martini - 4.5 olives! 
This drink gets an extra half an olive for creativity. The first thing that came out of my mouth as I passed this sexy little mocha drink around the table was "It's not at all what you expect!" The taste was surprising and layered kind of like a trifle crossed with an ice coffee. I like. 

Melon Cosmopolitan - 5 Olives
I'm not a huge fan of syrupy sweet drinks but the idea of a watermelon cosmo just seemed really refreshing... and it was! This drink had just enough bite to balance the soft sweetness of the melon. Delicious! A definite for girls nights out. 

Had I been brave enough I would have gone for one of their signatures "Rocket Starburst" or "Strangeways to Hillbrow"... give it a go if you find yourself there and let me know! 

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