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Friday, 23 December 2011

Way Overdue Martini Reviews

This weeks Martini Review takes places at a favourite Northern suburbs restaurant of mine. Whenever I need to cross the William Nicol border to meet up with friends I always recommend Kong Roast… a fusion of East meets West done up in a very chic and modern setting. Best of all the selection of Martini’s is delicious! From the classics to the more adventurous!

My 1st tasting was the enticing Vanilla, Wasabi and Litchi Martini. The drink went down very easily and mostly tasted of Litchi… I longed for more of a Wasabi bite but even more than that I longed for the sweet nip of vodka against my palate. The beginner Martini drinker will love this because it makes you feel like a hot villain in a James Bond flick set in Bangkok but for me, eh… 3 olives.   

I then ordered my regular favourite, however I was unable to have it sweet as I usually enjoy and so I had to have it dry. This was on the complete opposite side of the scale and was extremely strong. Had it not been for the good quality Gin used I might not have gone for a second sip. Maybe it was the long drive home deterring me from really indulging, maybe it was Dry vermouth, maybe it was just plain average. I found myself feeling like a high school girl unsatisfied with an easy catch and then complaining of the drama in a more challenging love affair. I give the Classic Martini 3 and a half olives. Half an olive’s grace for my tempestuous state of mind. 

And now for a way overdue Martini review of the very popular Appletini. I found myself at Outer Limits recently for a 21st birthday. Feeling young at heart I chose the only available Martini on the cocktail Menu… The Appletini and did an impromptu review.

This is a very pretty drink and looks good in your hand. It’s easy to sip on and has a very sweet and lighthearted feel about it. I’m not one to take cocktails onto the dance floor for fear of spillage (these days one drop outta the glass is at least R5 you’ve basically thrown on the floor) but this flirty little drink inspires at the very least some toe tapping. 4 Olives.

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