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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Martini Review 26/11/11

This weeks Martini Review takes places at a delightful little spot called The Attic in Parkhurst. I’ve heard so many lovely things about the place and found myself wandering 4th avenue on Saturday afternoon. Before I opened the Cocktail menu for perusal I couldn’t help but take it the atmosphere… the whole street was adorned with young and trendy Joburgers, the perfect setting for a sundowner martini duet.

My 1st tasting was my usual, named on the menu as: Tanqueray Gin Martini. Deee-lish. This sexy little sweetheart was smooth, chilled, strong enough to stop you glugging it down, sweet enough to sip the very last drop and had 3 juicy saturated green olives at the bottom to finish it off. I give it 5 Olives.

For dessert I sampled the Strawberry and White Chocolate Martini. I was a little hesitant at first because I do prefer an adventurous taste and this sounded a little well, boring. Boring it was not, in the least! Ever so slightly on the sweet side for my taste... but just lovely overall. Crunchy white chocolate powder cuts through the fresh strawberry zing.  4 Olives.

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